Healthy hair requires sufficient intake of protein, as the building unit of hair is protein itself. The protein found within hair cells is known as keratin which is directly responsible for the composition of each strands of hair. Lack of protein can lead to severe hair loss. Thus, an adequate intake of millets strengthens the hair which makes it stronger and less prone to breakage.

Direction to Use:
Cook the JEEVANS LITTLE MILLET until it became soft, strain it and cool. In a pan heat the oil, add the mustard, red chilli and peanut, add the turmeric powder, sort it well, add the rice, add lemon juice, salt and mix well. Serve hot with any curry.  The good thing about millet rice is that it can be substituted for rice in any of the recipes.

Presentation: 500 g refill pack available in all leading medical shops and department shops.

*Best before 9 months from packaging.

Main Nutritional facts : (Approx: Values)/ 100g.

  • Energy Value356.2 kcal
  • Total Fat 0.5 g
  • Total carbohydrate75.3
  •  Protein8.8 g
  • Calcium17.0 mg
  • Iron8.3 mg
  • Phosphorous61.2 mg
  • Fiber7.6g
  • Minerals1.5 g