Jeevans Barely Powder

Jeevans Barley Powder fortifies the immune system and prevents re-occurrence and secondary complications. Barley is the rich natural source of energy and it is very good for those who are suffering from Urinary infections. For the weak convalescent, Barley acts as an appetizer and builds appetite.  Being diuretic Barely stimulates the filtration process of the kidney by flushing out the end products of infection and ailments.

Preparation Method: Mix 2 teaspoons of JEEVANS BARELY POWDER with 50 ml water and make a thin paste. Take 500 ml water and slowly add the paste while stirring it. Continue boiling for 5 minutes by stirring constantly. Sugar or lime juice can be used to flavour if necessary.

Ingredients: Natural barley seeds.

Presentation: 100g pet bottle.

*Best before 23 months from packaging.

Approximate main nutrient (Composition per 20 g)

  • Total calories360 kcal
  • Total carbohydrate75g 25%
  • Dietary fiber20g 80%
  • Calcium3%
  • Iron20%