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WHere cost effective design is our life


Interior design

Paint is your best friend

I love to add color everywhere in my home! Paint is the one thing we can all do and you don't have to be artsy.  For me the bright colors help keep the happiness and smiles going.  Just look at this wonderful bright and cheerful kids reading corner.  Go to your local thrift store to find munchin size furniture and head to the hardware store for drawer pulls and paint.  You don't have to be an expert to design and paint just use your imagination.  You can even make a adult size reading corner. Use this idea in every room in your home.  Add a splash of bright color and watch yourself start to smile every time you look at your new happy colors.  We will give you some of most simple, easy and  quick ideas to brighten up every part of your home, inside and outside. 


Outdoor design

Stenciling is easy

Don't you just hate going out and looking at your boring blah fence?  Well paint it!  What is your image of relaxation? Use that and paint your fence.  Do you love your flip flops and summer? Think about how easy it would be to trace your flip flops onto the fence and then just fill them in with bright cheerful fun colors. Let your imagination run wild, paint a umbrella, sun and a margarita glass. How about flowers, if you can't grow them or don't have time to spend on them just paint some on your fence.  If you are scared to try and freehand it buy some stencils.  Easy peasy!!! Get your kids involved, their imaginations are fantastic. Family time is important and wouldn't this be a fun!  Okay you can even let your husband paint his favorite sports logo. Don't we just have the best ideas!!!


Patio Ideas

Colorful fabric can brighten up a pergola

For me the best relaxation is sitting on my patio with a fire going.  I love this patio set up except for how bland and boring it is.  Let's add some color!!!  We can start with colorful pots of beautif flowers.  Pots can be hand painted  or spray painted. You can find different shapes, designs and sizes of containers at thrift shops.  Even bowls or cups can be used as flower pots. I would find some bright colored fabric at a craft store or thrift shop and weave it through the pergola!  Even the wicker furniture can be spray painted,  Let your love for happiness show through every aspect of your life, even the patio.

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